Assessment Assessment Basics for Adult Education
Participants explore the benefits and limitations of different types of assessment; quality in test design and administration; developing assessments for the classroom; and aligning student goals, curriculum, and assessment.

Assessment Strategies and Reading Profiles Assessment Strategies and Reading Profiles (ASRP)
Provides research-based assessment strategies to improve reading instruction for Adult Basic Education (ABE) and Adult Secondary Education (ASE) learners. ASRP provides many resources for the practitioner including diagnostic and other types of assessments, accompanied by suggestions for instruction. This workshop explores the tools on the ASRP Web site.

Teaching Adults to Read: Assessment Strategies and Reading Profiles
(computer lab with Internet access required) 
This session introduces, demonstrates, and provides practice in using the Assessment Strategies and Reading Profiles Web site, supported by LINCS and built on NCSALL’s Adult Reading Components Study. Participants learn how to navigate the Web site and use the Match-an-ASRP-Profile feature to access reading profiles that they can use to assess their individual students' reading strengths and weaknesses and target instructional needs. In this hands-on session, participants review the research and assessment tools and learn how to use the site and the profiles to plan reading instruction for individuals and groups of students in the classroom setting.