Literacyworks Workplace ESL

The Literacyworks Workplace ESL Program is designed to partner with local businesses to provide strategic English language learning instruction at the workplace. Our professional staff work with employees and management using a customized, outcomes-based approach to teaching that utilizes best-practices. Our instructors use workplace resources which incorporates company culture, procedures, and systems into the language learning process.   The program focuses on development of language skills for communication, team-building, problem-solving and providing avenues for improvement.

About Literacyworks

With 21 years as the LINCS Regional Professional Development Center for the 14 states and islands in the West, with access to over 130 researched-based ABE and ESL PD workshops and with over 40 national Subject Matter Expert trainers in adult education and literacy topics, we are expanding our services to include Career and Technical Education (CTE) and Corrections training. We are also helping programs align their adult education and literacy activities with State Plans and key WIOA principles.

Literacyworks continues to establish collaborative partnerships with adult education programs, community colleges and universities to offer the latest research-based materials. 

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